Aftershock Brewing Espresso Stout bottle

In My Fridge: Aftershock Brewing Co. Espresso Stout

Dad: Hey, I’m going to the liquor store. You want something for your blog thing?

Me: Yeah, just grab me a bottle of something you’ve never seen before.

Dad: Aight.

Twenty minutes pass…

Dad: Okay, I found [this Espresso Stout from Temecula-based brewery Aftershock Brewing Co.].

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angel city brewery saaz berry

Field Report: Angel City Brewery Saaz-berry 

I took a day trip to Los Angeles a while back to see my girlfriend before she left for a semester abroad. We went to LACMA and saw all the trippy modern art. We took the obligatory picture by the many street lamps. We walked next door and saw the tar pits, which I could’ve swore looked bigger in Sin City.

As the day wound to a close, I was pretty reluctant to leave, so I suggested we find a bar, restaurant, or just someplace with comfy chairs and tasty beverages. My GF pulled up the ol’ Google Maps and suggested we hit the nearby Angel City Brewery. I was down.

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In My Fridge: Blue Moon Brewing Co. Cinnamon Horchata Ale

I may be showing my inner gringo here, but I don’t really “get” horchata.

I mean, I love Mexican food, and while I do find horchata to be pretty yummy, I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be. Is it a dessert drink? Like do you order it as a treat after you finish your tacos? Or are you supposed to drink it along with your main meal, as you would with water or soda? Or is it something you just drink whenever, regardless of context or time of day? I don’t know.

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Field Report: Bittercreek Alehouse ft. Grand Teton Bittercreek Cuvee 

Following a two-day, 650-mile drive — which featured a stop in Lake Tahoe, lunch in a semi-abandoned town somewhere in the wastes of Nevada, a tense 6 a.m. conversation with middle-aged Burger King employees, a Wiffle ball game on the side of an alfalfa field, and farmer folk heckling me while I attempted to urinate behind some sunflowers — my former college roommates and I, along with a hundred or so strangers from across the U.S., beheld the most amazing phenomenon we had ever seen: a total solar eclipse.

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