Aftershock Brewing Espresso Stout bottle

In My Fridge: Aftershock Brewing Co. Espresso Stout

Dad: Hey, I’m going to the liquor store. You want something for your blog thing?

Me: Yeah, just grab me a bottle of something you’ve never seen before.

Dad: Aight.

Twenty minutes pass…

Dad: Okay, I found [this Espresso Stout from Temecula-based brewery Aftershock Brewing Co.].

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In My Fridge: Blue Moon Brewing Co. Cinnamon Horchata Ale

I may be showing my inner gringo here, but I don’t really “get” horchata.

I mean, I love Mexican food, and while I do find horchata to be pretty yummy, I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be. Is it a dessert drink? Like do you order it as a treat after you finish your tacos? Or are you supposed to drink it along with your main meal, as you would with water or soda? Or is it something you just drink whenever, regardless of context or time of day? I don’t know.

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In My Fridge: Mother Earth Brew Co. Cali Creamin’

My dad isn’t really a craft beer guy. He was drinking long before any of the fancy pants, IPA-or-die craft breweries took off, and as such he prefers to keep it simple, to consume only the tried and true, the canned good ol’ boys: Coors Banquet and Coors Light. He likes Modelo and Pacifico too, but my point is that he doesn’t often venture beyond the macrobrewery selections.

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In My Fridge: Great Divide YETI Imperial Stout

I love beer, and I love coffee. Stouts are an intersection of the two. Logically, this should make me a “stout guy,” but that’s not exactly the case. While I can appreciate the rich, chocolaty goodness of these beers, I find that I can only drink them sparingly. A four pack takes me a month or two to finish, and a sixer will take another month or so on top of that. They’re not casual drinking beers — your dad has never come in post-yard work to guzzle some espresso-flavored thing that’s like 10% ABV. I personally save them for special occasions… or for when there’s nothing else in my fridge and I’m trying to start a beer blog.

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