In My Fridge: Mother Earth Brew Co. Cali Creamin’

My dad isn’t really a craft beer guy. He was drinking long before any of the fancy pants, IPA-or-die craft breweries took off, and as such he prefers to keep it simple, to consume only the tried and true, the canned good ol’ boys: Coors Banquet and Coors Light. He likes Modelo and Pacifico too, but my point is that he doesn’t often venture beyond the macrobrewery selections.

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Field Report: Gordon Biersch Hefeweizen 

My girlfriend was in town a while back, and as always we were looking for some cheap, quality beer. I had passed Gordon Biersch brewery/restaurant in San Diego millions of times while driving along the I-8 West, but I was never interested enough to stop by and check it out. That was until a quick glance at their menu revealed the $4 brews they offer all day on Sundays. Four dollars. Twenty ounces! I was interested.  Continue reading →

In My Fridge: Great Divide YETI Imperial Stout

I love beer, and I love coffee. Stouts are an intersection of the two. Logically, this should make me a “stout guy,” but that’s not exactly the case. While I can appreciate the rich, chocolaty goodness of these beers, I find that I can only drink them sparingly. A four pack takes me a month or two to finish, and a sixer will take another month or so on top of that. They’re not casual drinking beers — your dad has never come in post-yard work to guzzle some espresso-flavored thing that’s like 10% ABV. I personally save them for special occasions… or for when there’s nothing else in my fridge and I’m trying to start a beer blog.

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Field Report: Julian Hard Cider Black & Blue 

These last few weeks, summer storms have been in full swing in the eastern part of San Diego County. They’ve made it unbearably humid at lower sea levels (where I live), and they’ve dumped rain and hail relentlessly up at the higher altitudes.

My dad called me one Friday afternoon and asked if I wanted to drive up with him to experience the maelstrom first-hand. He wasn’t doing anything on account of a finger injury that made HVAC work difficult. I wasn’t doing anything besides sending out job apps and attempting to fend off looming depression. A trip to the mountains sounded splendid.

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